Aluminum partitions
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Sanitary partitions

Rational organization of office space is a task that not everyone can do. But when we talk about office partitions, everything falls into place. And the task no longer seems impossible.

The system of stationary partitions, as well as office partitions are a universal solution based on steel and aluminum profiles with different fillings.

This type of partitions is very practical and multifunctional:

  • it perfectly divides the space and zones it;
  • provides high-quality sound insulation;
  • makes it possible to create a separate room, eliminating visual contact between employees;
  • radically changes the design of the whole room.
  • Office partitions are very common in the arrangement of office space, retail space, premises at warehouse, exhibition and production sites.

    Installation of office partitions can be carried out both during the total overhaul and during operation of the office space. The advantage of office partitions also lies in the fact that during the dismantling of a structure part, only miniature holes will remain at the site of its attachment, which are then easily eliminated by minor redecoration. At the same partitions time can be built at any level, up to the ceiling itself.

    Partitions allow radically changing the room in just a few hours, they are quickly and easily installed, and where applicable, the construction of these partitions can be easily disassembled and moved to another room.

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