PVC windows and PVC doors have a significant advantage, both during the purchase and throughout the life cycle. For solid wood products you have to pay 20-30% more than for plastic windows, doors, and aluminum windows are the most expensive alternative. PVC windows and PVC doors have a high energy-saving potential and are practically maintenance-free. Service life lasts more than 50 years.

PVC windows manufactured by ASSOLO are products with increased energy saving, for which a multiple glass unit up to 42 mm is installed in the system. This is a five-chamber system, the distinctive feature of which is an increased installation depth of 70 mm, which allows achieving the optimal location of the air chamber in the frame and sashing. This allows increasing the thermal and sound insulation.

In Belarus and Russia, in comparison with Western Europe, climatic conditions are more severe, which poses the problem of continuous improvement of window profiles. Significant temperature variations require the use of special constructions to improve energy saving. PVC windows manufactured by ASSOLO compose a class A system that is able to provide the necessary degree of thermal insulation.

To achieve high performance is possible not only due to perfect equipment, but also a modern quality control system. In addition to high quality, class A profile has also a modern appearance.

Not only final production is tested, but also raw material. Quality control is carried out according to international quality standards according to ISO 9001, which allows manufacturing production of consistently high quality.

Studies have shown that the reduced total thermal resistance of class A profiles in an assembly is:

  • with galvanized steel reinforcement liner - 0.77 m2 x ° C/W;
  • without reinforcement liner - 0.82 m2 x ° С/W.