For architects

Unique technology and design

No object is like another. Customers' wishes are as varied as the possibilities to realize them with ASSOLO. At the moment, the consultation of the ASSOLO expert will offer you the best planning way for each building project, taking into account the main criteria, such as energy efficiency, sustainability, economics, building physics and measurement accuracy.

Technology ideas - the ASSOLO slogan becomes reality. Using ASSOLO products means absolute freedom of ideas for you; We develop for stylish and precise implementation. The requirement of your project determines the degree of individualization. Everything is possible: ASSOLO's production spectrum offers a large set of basic systems with which many individual solutions can already be designed. The individual components of the systems can be adapted or modified, but at the time they fit perfectly into the overall system. We develop, design special offers for you, if any certain functions or design requirements need to be performed. Together with you we also implement complete new projects – the unique ones, with the highest level of individual object solutions.